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Rubber Roofs

A new rubber roof can replace that leaky old mineral felt roof once and for all without costly regular maintenance or even frequent replacement. The Churchill Windows replacement rubber roof service is complete with re-decking and insulating and is guaranteed for a lifetime.

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A new rubber roof also known as a EPDM roof has many advantages over traditional felt roofs, the main advantage being price, rubber roofs are also lightweight, durable and long lasting. We can normally lay your rubber roof in one piece, meaning there are no seems or joins for potential leaks. Rubber roofs can withstand all kinds of weather and with our expert installation will easily last a lifetime with very little maintenance.

Our rubber roofs are completely fire resistant too, not only is it nearly impossible to set fire to a rubber roof but it will also resist fire too and actually slow down the spread of fire if the unfortunate case would to arise. Some home insurance policies may even offer a rate reduction if fire resistant rubber roof is installed on your home.

Rubber is also one of the "greenest" options that you can choose for a new roof. The rubber itself is often made from recycled materials to begin with and if for whatever reason the roof was removed, it is 100% recyclable.

Rubber Roof features

Rubber roof features

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